Data Protection

Secure your server with Krypt’s Data Protection services. From cloud replication to expanded storage, Krypt offers enhanced data protection and disaster recovery solutions to help you protect your most critical data.


Protect your critical data with an offsite copy to one of our remote data centers. Whether you’re running a bare metal server or cloud server, we have industry-leading technology to ensure your data is safe and secure.

For bare metal servers, Krypt utilizes Veeam Endpoint and cloud servers are backed up with Veeam Backup. Files can also be copied to our SAN storage solutions to expand your disk space capacity.

Supports Bare Metal / Cloud Server Bare Metal Cloud Server
Backup Space Starting 100 GB Size / Incremental Backups Size / Incremental Backups
Supported Operating Systems Windows, Linux Any Any
Backup Retention Policy Based on Storage Based on Backup Plan Based on Backup Plan
Automatic & Unattended Backups
Select Individual Files to Backup
File-Level Recovery
Scheduled Backups ✓ (1)
Offsite Recovery ✓ (4)
Onsite Recovery
Server Recovery
Incremental Backups
Replicate Server from Backup
Managed Unmanaged Fully Managed
Price (monthly) $20 per 100 GB Depends on Retention Depends on Retention
  1. Optional with scheduled scripts
  2. Optional depending on server location
  3. Optional backup to remote server/backup to cras plan cloud included
  4. Optional backup to a different data center
  5. Optional backup to local

Cloud Replication

With Krypt Cloud Replication, your Cloud or Bare Metal Server is protected in a geographically-diverse data center. Krypt offers full cloud-server-to-cloud-server replication where your server’s data is copied within seconds of a change to another data center. During a failover, your server will automatically be spun up in the remote data center with a pre-provisioned IP address within minutes. For bare metal servers, we offer full bare-metal-to-bare-metal-server and bare-metal-server-to-cloud-server replication.

Overview Cloud Server to Cloud Server Replication Bare Metal to Bare Metal Server Replication Bare Metal to Cloud Server Replication
Supported Operating Systems Windows, Linux Windows, Linux
Recovery Time Minutes Minutes
Application Impact None Minimal
Incremental Performance Block-level replication Block-level replication
Recovery Activation Customer to Krypt Support activated Krypt Support activated
Managed Fully managed with self-service options Fully managed
Offsite Recovery
File-Level Resore
Storage Encryption Option
Data Center Support Los Angeles to Phoenix Ashburn to Phoenix Los Angeles to Phoenix
Technology Vendor Zerto Arcserve


Krypt offers various levels of SAN-based storage from Platinum-level high speed SSD drives with RAID10 to Bronze-based SATA bulk storage arrays. Cloud server customers can choose between all tiers of storage while only Bronze storage is available as NFS mounts for dedicated servers.

Bronze SATA RAID5 Low Backups
Silver SATA RAID5 Normal Regular storage
Gold SAS+SSD RAID50 Normal Read and write intensive applications
Platinum SAS+SSD RAID50 Normal Gold Level + replication

Nimble Storage Replication

As a premier Nimble Storage partner, Krypt offers offsite replication services to the Cloud for enhanced data protection and disaster recovery solutions. Krypt’s Nimble Storage Replication Services to the cloud are offered at our Los Angeles data centers to give you additional redundancy. Site-to-site VPN connections add enhanced data security.

In a disaster recovery scenario, Krypt Cloud Pool resources can be consumed on a pay-per-use or subscription basis for on-demand infrastructure. In most cases, Replication Time Objective (RTO) is less than 4 hours and Replication Point Objective (RPO) is the last replication snapshot. Our team of cloud experts monitors and ensures data is replicated and bi-annual tests are scheduled with the customer to ensure data integrity.

Nimble Storage has built-in features such as Efficient Replication for compressing copies and changes that assist with disaster recovery replication over the WAN. Integrate VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) for simplified disaster recovery testing in failover and failback scenarios.

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