Veeam vCloud Connect Quick Guide

Veeam Cloud Connect

User Guide

  1. Go to Backup Infrastructure > Service Providers > Add Service Provider

2. Add VPLS Veeam Cloud Connect URL that VPLS provided to you: For example, we use here, Port: 6180

3. Click Add…

4. Add your Credential that VPLS provided, and click OK

5. Select your credential and click Next >

6.Verify your resource plan and click Next >

7. Review summary and Click Finish

8. Go to Home tab > Backup Copy

9. Define your Backup Copy plan

10. Add your Backup job

11. Select your Backup repository

12. Choose Data Transfer option, if you have WAN accelerators feature you can select “Through built-in WAN accelerators”

If not, please select “Direct”

13. Specify schedule, your backup copy jobs

14. Review summary and Click Enable the job when click Finish.


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