Dedicated Server

Under the Services tab click on Dedicated Server to view a list of your active or suspended dedicated servers.

You can submit ticket and on/off auto disabled bandwidth on list page.

Click on server’s link to view more details about that server.

Server Details page has sever details about the server.  You can see the location of certain details below.

  • Overview tabview server details, IP & Network, Related Ticket
  • Bandwidth tabview your bandwidth usage.
  • Monitor tab – view and manage monitor logs for the server.
  • Reverse DNS tab – view information about DNS.
  • Billing tab– view the billing information.

If server has KVM, in server details page will show KVM details. You can open KVM console when click KVM button.


The Bandwidth Details section allows you to monitor your bandwidth usage.  A graph is displayed that can show your usage for the amount of time you select.  Click where it says Click here to view graph to select the period of time for the graph to be displayed.

You can change period for displayed bandwidth graph.

You can set bandwidth notifications and disable bandwidth when over the limit.



Manage and view the monitor logs for the server.


Click address on left side for view the monitor logs.

Click Create Monitor button for create the new monitor.


Fill in the information and click Save to add the monitor.


You can Edit or Delete monitor.


Click the Reverse DNS tab to view information about DNS.  Click the IP Assignment droplist to view more details.

Click the Billing tab to to view the billing information.

  • Details – billing information
  • Additional services – show lists of child service.
  • Billing Cycle
  • Support SLA


Click on service status for request cancel service.

Select cancellation reason and click Save button.

Device Control – Power ON/OFF, Reboot, Reformat and Disable/Enable

Actions menu 

  • Submit ticket
  • Create Paypal Subscription
  • Register CloudFlare
  • KMV Knowledge Base

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