Paying for an Invoice

Partial Payment

There is an option to make partial payments on unpaid invoices.

You can use account credit or a credit card to partially pay.

If you use any other method of payment (i.e. PayPal or Alipay) you can only pay in full.

          1. You can click the Billing TAB and clicking Service Invoice.

          2. Click on the blue manage button Pay Invoice go to invoice you are paying for.

          3. Click on Pay Invoice.

          4. Click on drop list and choose your payment method.

 ** You can add credit cards or PayPal accounts on the Payment Methods page.  Click the following link to learn more. Payment history

 ** Account credits can be added on the Credits page.  Click the following link to learn more. Credits

          5. If you want to pay partially you will need to choose a Credit Card or Account Credit.

          6. In the Amount Paid fields next to the service descriptions, you can type in the amount you want to pay with this payment type. 

          7. Click Pay Invoice to continue your payment.




  • 部分支付
  • 取消服务器

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